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    St. Mary’s Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation ProgramSt. Mary’s Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Program is designed for patients recovering from a heart attack and/or cardiac surgery as well as for those people who because of their risk factors have the potential to develop heart disease.

    The primary goal of the cardiac rehab program is to assist participants in regaining the health level present prior to the cardiac event and to develop a level of wellness to the greatest potential.

    Comprehension education, counseling, monitoring and continued assessment assist the patient in accomplishing their goals through a professionally planned and supervised program.

    There are three phases to the program, each phase requiring a physician’s order/referral.

    Phase I is the inpatient phase of the cardiac rehab program. It begins once the patient is stabilized and referred to the program by the physician. Supervised exercises are conducted twice a day and tailored to the individual needs of the patient. Education is provided to assist the patient and family to understand their illness and to make the necessary lifestyle adjustments. Achieving independence is the goal.

    Phase II is the supervised, monitored outpatient phase of the program which requires the patient to participate in a specifically designed exercise program three times a week for eight to twelve weeks. Weekly attendance at educational classes is also part of this program which begins one to two weeks following discharge from the hospital. The Cardiac Rehab staff notifies the patient and sets up an appointment to begin the Phase II Program.

    Phase III is the unmonitored outpatient phase of the program for individuals who have completed Phase II and/or have the potential for developing cardiac problems based on one or two risk factors such as: high blood pressure, diabetes, stress, obesity, high cholesterol/triglycerides, smoking, family history of heart disease, etc. An individualized exercise program is established to assist the participant in reaching a goal. After receiving an order for Phase III from the physician, the participant calls the department and an evaluation appointment is set up.

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