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    Care Integration Dan VossAt HSHS and HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital, our vision is to bring together elements of today’s fragmented health care delivery system, provide superior value to patients and promote efficiency. The HSHS Care Integration initiative is our blueprint for achieving that vision.

    Integrated Health Care
    As part of our Care Integration initiative, Hospital Sisters Health System and St. Mary’s Hospital are building partnerships with a variety of providers. Our strategy is to unify the key components of health care delivery in our Illinois and Wisconsin communities—using technology and relationships to link patients, providers and care facilities.

    • Patients—Care Integration means seamless care for patients, from the time a person enters the system as a newborn through to the end of life. It meets the needs of today’s health care consumer, who is more likely to receive care outside the traditional hospital setting. Care Integration embraces this reality and brings continuity of care at every point of access in our System.
    • Providers—Care Integration means partnerships with physicians and other health care professionals. Known collectively as our “physician enterprise,” this community of caregivers forms the backbone of our integrated care network. In addition to HSHS Medical Group, HSHS has built a number of partnerships with physicians, nurses, medical professionals, multi-specialty groups, single specialty groups, solo practitioners and medical schools in Illinois and Wisconsin.
    • Technology—Care Integration means integrated technology, including electronic medical record systems to improve quality and prevent waste. Integrated technology links the physician’s office, the ambulatory care center, the hospital and even the patient’s bedside—and allows the physician to focus on healing rather than paperwork.