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    Patients from Streator and the surrounding communities now have another high quality option for diagnostic imaging. In May 2010, St. Mary’s opened the doors to their new permanent state-of-the-art MRI facility.

    The MRI suite is specifically designed with the you in mind. It offers patients access to the latest technology in a stress-free, patient-friendly environment. The exams will be performed in a softly-lit, tranquil, upscale atmosphere. Every effort is made to control the environment and comfort of the patient in every step of the process.

    The new General Electric Echospeed HDXT MRI unit boasts eight channel high definition scanning, custom designed to provide excellent imaging for breast, vascular, abdominal, musculoskeletal and neurological application. This means the latest diagnostic technology is now available locally and in a relaxing setting aimed at patient comfort and convenience. The new unit will be available on a daily basis, drastically reducing the amount of time required for patients to obtain a scan and for doctors to interpret the results.

    Our new system has advanced imaging and processing capabilities that help doctors perform MRI exams that traditionally have been very difficult. These unique capabilities include:

    PROPELLER, for enhanced brain imaging on all patients include those who cannot hold still.
    PROPELLER DWI, for enhanced stroke imaging.
    TRICKS-XV, for MR angiography with high spatial detail and dynamic flow.
    VIBRANT-XV, for uncompromised bilateral breast imaging in one visit with high spatial and kinetic detail.
    LAVA imaging, for high-resolution multi-phase imaging of the liver and abdomen.
    CartiGram, for non-invasive assessment of articular cartilage integrity.

    In an effort to help our patients get well as quickly as possible, the facility offers flexible scheduling options and quick turnaround times.

    For a tour of the facility or for more information, please call 815-673-5614.