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    St. Mary’s Hospital Family Care UnitSt. Mary’s Family Care Unit (FCU) is located on the fifth floor of the hospital and serves the acute care needs of medical, surgical and pediatric patients.

    The unit’s design promotes staff efficiency in providing patient comfort. Every room is stocked with frequently used supplies with each wing of the unit having its own nurse’s station. As a result, the staff takes fewer steps to accomplish tasks which allows for them to spend more time with their patients.

    Comfort and convenience
    To promote patient comfort, many of the rooms on the floor are private and have shower facilities within the room. In addition, patient rooms come equipped with flat-screen televisions and two telephones. The headwalls above the beds are equipped with a number of electrical, oxygen and vacuum outlets that help staff more effectively and safely care for patients.

    A family waiting room is located conveniently right near the elevators and features an engaging mural and children’s toys. The mural provides the backdrop for the interactive toys posted on the wall.

    Technological advancements
    The unit is equipped with many technologically advanced features that improve safety for both the patients and the staff. For example, some rooms are equipped with a special lifting device for immobile patients. Patients may go directly from their bed to a special lift chair which will transport them to the bathroom, reducing the risk of injury to the patient from falling and injury to the nursing staff from lifting.

    Our patient beds have scales that allow staff to weigh patients without moving them. Having an accurate weight is extremely important when dosing medication. The beds also have controls for the patient to work the room lights, nurse call and their personal flat screen television all without leaving the bed. As an added safety feature, the beds are equipped with exit alarms that alert the staff when a patient has left the bed. Staff can use this to closely monitor patients at risk for a fall that should not be get out of bed without assistance.

    The call light system is integrated with the staff’s wireless phones to alert them to a bed exit or when a patient’s call light has been activated. The system allows for staff to answer the call light remotely by talking directly with the patient to assure the patient that someone will be on the way.

    An area of the FCU has been designated for pediatric patients. Since children might find the hospital to be a frightening place, procedures are done outside of their room in a pediatric exam room that is decorated with colorful wallpaper and an exam table that looks like a school bus.

    To increase the safety of these younger patients, the HALO security system is used. This same system is used on the women’s health unit to prevent infant abductions. Children wear a banded tag that will lock doors or elevators if anyone tries to remove them from the unit without authorization. The system may also be used for older patients who tend to wander.

    For more information about the Family Care Unit call 815.673.4515.