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    We are a network of clinical providers: physicians, nurses, medical professionals, multi-specialty groups, single specialty groups, solo practitioners and medical schools in Illinois and Wisconsin, working together as part of the Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS). HSHS Medical Group, launched in 2008, is a critical component in HSHS’ Care Integration strategy, which focuses on enhancing the relationships between patients and providers through a seamless, integrated network of care. Our medical professionals support the Mission of HSHS, which is dedicated to compassionate, holistic health care that treats the whole person, in the spirit and tradition of our founding Hospital Sisters of St. Francis.

    About Us

    Treating the Whole Person
    The HSHS Medical Group is part of the larger Physician Enterprise that brings physicians and health care professionals employed by HSHS together with additional physician and health care partners who serve our 13 local communities in Illinois and Wisconsin.

    Members of our group share a passion for building a new approach to health care delivery, in which all aspects of the health care system are integrated to support the health of the whole person—at all phases of need. Our Care Integration focus is central to all that we do.

    All people who serve the Mission of HSHS are inspired by our core values of Respect, Care, Competence and Joy.

    Valuing Life
    Our healing ministry is rooted in our belief that every person is a treasure, every life a sacred gift, every human being a unity of body, mind and spirit.

    A Partnership for Evolving Health Care Delivery
    HSHS understands that patient needs are changing and that today’s health care environment is often fragmented. As a result, in 2008, HSHS reached out to 18 leaders of various medical groups in Wisconsin and Illinois, inviting them to participate in a discussion about physician alignment and health care delivery strategy. The response was impressive—all 18 leaders who were invited answered the call—demonstrating both the importance and the physician interest in leading a health care reform. This group of medical professionals represented primary care groups, the key specialty and multi-specialty groups as well as medical school faculty. Together, this group laid out a vision for a new approach to integrated care, and the HSHS Medical Group was brought to life in December 2008.

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