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    ICU NEWSince its beginning in 1963, St. Mary’s Hospital intensive care unit continues to provide the highest level of care. We have the technology and experienced staff to meet the critical needs of the patient and family.

    What is Intensive Care?
    Intensive Care, as its name suggests, is the specialized management of the acutely-ill patient. It consists of constant, highly-skilled nursing care and observation, backed by the availability of vital medical equipment and expertise.

    Location and facilities
    At St. Mary’s Hospital, the intensive care unit (ICU) is located in the west wing of the second floor. The unit offers quiet surroundings, state-of-the-art lifesaving equipment, specially-trained and caring personnel, and easily accessible emergency and routine supplies. Our facility recently was remodeled to give it a modern, updated look. The central nurses' station enables our staff to view every patient's room and be able to act when needed. In an effort to provide comfort and normalcy, televisions are provided in all intensive care rooms. Telephones are available depending on the patient's condition. Once the patient’s physician decides intensive care is no longer needed, the patient is transferred to a general medical or surgical floor, or discharged home or to another facility.

    For the patient
    Small closets are in each room for storing necessary personal items such as deodorant, powder, after-shave and make-up. Please do not bring electric shavers, hair dryers or curling irons to the ICU. Valuables should be taken home by the family or deposited with the hospital cashier.

    Flowers and balloons

    Please do not send flowers to patients in the ICU, as they will not be allowed in patient rooms. All flowers that arrive in ICU will be kept in the waiting room until the patient is discharged or transferred to another unit. Latex balloons are not allowed, however Mylar balloons are acceptable. 

    Visitors to the ICU
    Rest and quiet are vitally important to the patient's treatment. For this reason, and for infection control reasons, visiting is restricted to the immediate family, and children under 12 will not be permitted to visit. Any exceptions must be approved by the nurse and nursing supervisor or Director. Families are asked to plan their visits so only two people are in the patient’s room during any half-hour period. The length of the visiting time may vary depending on the condition of the patient, and is at the discretion of the nurse. Visitors are not allowed to spend the night in a patient’s room unless approved by the nursing staff. Cell phones are not permitted in the ICU as they may interfere with our monitoring and ventilator equipment. Please turn off all cell phones upon entering the unit. Due to the need to measure the amount of fluid taken in and eliminated by our patients, we request you consult with the nurse before offering the patient any type of nourishment.


    Visitors are welcome to use the services of the waiting area next to the ICU. Comfortable chairs, a television and reading materials are available for you in this room.

    Telephone calls

    The ICU staff stays extremely busy providing the best care possible to patients. Thus, we ask you to use discretion in making calls and that only immediate family members call the ICU to inquire about the patient's condition. The phone number is 673-4536. Please designate one person to be the family contact and keep others informed. We also ask you to refrain from phoning the unit before 11 a.m. or to reach a family member visiting a patient, unless there is an emergency.

    Food Service

    The cafeteria, on the hospital's lower level, is open 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. The vending room, also on the lower level, is open 24 hours for your convenience.

    Pastoral Care

    The pastoral care department is trained to help patients and families with their spiritual needs. They are available to talk with you and offer support or help any time. If you need spiritual comfort or would like to talk with someone, ask one of the ICU nursing staff to contact a pastoral associate. If you would like a place for quiet reflection, you are welcome to visit the chapel on the first floor off the hallway on the right side of the main elevators.