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    A comprehensive approach to pain management

    St. Mary’s Pain ClinicBecause we are specialized and offer such a wide range of treatment options, we’re better able to develop a program that fits your lifestyle. Our trained physicians, supported by a highly-skilled and specialized team, are experienced at finding pain solutions for any patient.

    The goal of HSHS St. Mary’s Pain Clinic is to stop or ease your pain as rapidly as possible through a multidisciplinary approach, improving your functional capacity and restoring your ability to lead a normal life.

    Just as importantly, you’ll be treated in an environment of caring, empathy and compassion. We understand how pain affects all aspects of your life – as well as the lives of those around you. We’ll work with you and your loved ones to find the best way to fit your pain management program into your daily life.

    Examples of conditions treated include:

    • Headache - Thoracic back pain - Complex regional pain
    • Neck pain - Lumbar pain - Cancer pain
    • Shoulder pain - Myofascial pain - Post-operative pain
    • Joint pain - Nerve entrapment pain - Post-traumatic pain
    • Bursitis pain - Neuropathic pain - Shingles pain

    The physicians of St. Mary’s Pain Clinic
    St. Mary’s pain clinic is staffed by a medical team committed to helping patients with pain management needs. Our team of quality physicians provide services in Streator, Springfield and Decatur. 

    Ask your family doctor about this service or call St. Mary’s Pain Clinic at 815-673-5333.