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    St. Mary’s Rehabilitation ServicesSt. Mary's Hospital provides a comprehensive range of rehabilitation services to adults and children, all customized to meet an individual's specific needs. Our primary goal is to assist our patients in achieving the highest level of function, through skilled one-on-one therapy utilizing the latest in rehabilitation technologies. Our team consists of talented colleagues who have a strong reputation for clinical quality, effective outcomes and positive customer service.

    We provide care in a variety of settings including inpatient and outpatient, in the patient’s home, at work, and at school. Our rehabilitation services department consists of:

    Physical Therapy

    Our team of physical therapists will assist to improve a patient’s quality of life, helping in the recovery from problems resulting from injury or disease. We specialize in:

    • Gaining overall strength, relieving pain, and helping regain the functionality of the injured area
    • Techniques in specific areas of daily living, such as bed mobility, standing and walking, and transferring
    • Maintaining well-being and keeping safe from injury
    • Education and training on proper body mechanics and general fitness  

    Occupational Therapy

    Our team of occupational therapists can assist all ages and diagnoses in regaining their independence at home and at work. We specialize in:

    • Assistance in regaining strength, motion, and coordination in shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands to help improve arm functions.
    • Techniques and adaptive equipment to help gain independence in self care, such as bathing and dressing.
    • Home management, such as cooking, cleaning and doing laundry.
    • In-home safety evaluations.
    • Recommendations for equipment that will aid in patients independence and security.
    • Helping children gain self care skills, increase arm use and coordination, improve handwriting as well as sensory integration treatment.

     Speech and Language Pathology 

    The certified speech and language pathologist is able to evaluate and treat concerns related to speech, language and oral skills. We specialize in the treatment of:

    • Infants with oral motor/feeding difficulty
    • Children who have difficulty in language development or who are difficult to understand tuttering, both pediatrics and adults
    • Voice disturbances, such as vocal nodules, vocal cord paralysis, or spastic dysphonia
    • Laryngectomee’s and head/neck cancer patients
    • CVA
    • Traumatic Brain Injury
    • Neurological Disorders such as Parkinson’s, GBS, ALS
    • Swallowing difficulties. We provide both clinical and radiographic evaluations 

    Occupational Health and Wellness

    In coordination with St. Mary's Occupational Health and Wellness program, our department provides educational and screening services designed to reduce work related injury and create a safe work environment. These programs include; body mechanics and back safety, upper extremity injury prevention, hearing education, ergonomics evaluation, post employment screenings, sound surveys, and audiometric screening and monitoring.

    Outpatient rehabilitation services are offered at three convenient locations, as well as part of our home health services. Scheduling is flexible. Please call for appointments. 

    ST. MARY’S MAIN CAMPUS         111 SPRING ST.                     STREATOR, IL 
    Physical Therapy:   Monday – Friday            Phone: 815.673.4549           Fax: 815.673.4683
    Occupational Therapy:  Monday- Friday       Phone: 815.673.4566           Fax: 815.673.4631
    Speech:   Monday - Wednesday - Friday      Phone: 815.673.4559           Fax: 815.673.4631

    Specialty services are offered in physical therapy on the main campus for urinary incontinence, lymphedema, and vestibular rehab. Aquatic physical therapy is also available at the Streator Y.  

    ST. MARY’S HOME HEALTH         111 SPRING ST.                  STREATOR, IL 
    Physical Therapy:   Monday - Friday            Phone: 815.673.4516           Fax: 815.673.4542
    Occupational Therapy:   Monday- Friday      Phone: 815.673.4516           Fax: 815.673.4542
    Speech:    Monday - Friday                         Phone: 815.673.4516            Fax 815.673.4542


    Physical Therapy:   Monday - Friday             Phone: 815.673.2061          Fax: 815.673.2136 
    Occupational Therapy:  Monday - Friday       Phone: 815.673.2061          Fax: 815.673.2136 

     1640 FIRST AVE. (RT 23.) OTTAWA, IL
    Physical Therapy:     Monday – Tuesday – Thursday - Friday       
    Phone: 815.431.9208           Fax: 815.673.5308